Along side Demons and Shape Shifters are Witches. Witches are the only form of human that can be turned into a Demon. Since many families are breeding with humans, now only certain people have the gene. Being unaware of the gene, makes it rather difficult for the Amari. Below are listed the witches. Like the Shape shifters, they will fall into three categories. Amari, Nomads -witches unaware- and Covens. The traits of witches are listed below. Enjoy learning about them.

Members Edit

Meet the witches. Currently three of the witches belong to the Amari. One witch is a nomad. Enjoy meeting them.

  1. Amari Witches
  2. Coven Witches
  3. Nomad Witches

Traits Edit

Witches, like Demons, have control over a certain element. Though as a witch, they don't have a lot of power over it. For a Witch to turn into a Demon they need to be drained off their blood and then fed Demon blood. This will turn them successfully. Enjoy the witches.