The Characters of The Demonic Series include the Amari, The Covens, Shape shifter, Witches, Nomads, and Humans. Of course there are Hybrids, though not many of them. Each character fraction is related to another. The Amari is the ruling demon family, in charge of the the covens, witches, nomads, and shape shifters. Yes, the Amari has a lot of responsibilities. The Covens are well organized forms of the Nomads. Witches are relatives of humans. The Shape shifters are the bonds to every demon. Enjoy meeting all of the characters. There is a lot, so take you're time.

The Amari Edit

The Amari is the ruling family of the demon race. The Demonic Series only covers the story of the demons and their troubles. Though they are not alone in the world of the paranormal. Underneath the Amari sits the Covens, Nomads, Witches, and their bonded Shape shifters. Inside of the Amari there is structure, without it there would chaos. The structure includes positions, such as the Queen to the Civilians. The Amari structure also includes rules, covering everything from the Queen to the Humans. So enjoy learning everything about the Amari, and it's members. Don't worry, you will love it.

The Covens Edit

All around the world there are covens. Covens are actually the most popular form for demons. Though many believe demons are solitude creatures, they actually enjoy one another's company. The covens are responsible for keeping the demon race going. Many covens have rather large families within them. Enjoy meeting the covens, and then the members that belong to them.

Shape Shifters Edit

Every demon has a bond. This bond is with their shape shifter. These shape shifters are not like you're every day shape shifters. They have three forms, two animal and one human. Many would believe that they are born as human and at certain age or event they would gain their animal. This is wrong. A shape shifter is first born as wolf, then they gain the other animal form and then their human form. The human form and second animal form depend on their personality. So enjoy learning every shape shifters forms, history, bond and more.

Witches Edit

Not every single demon is born. Some are created. Though humans are unable to be turned, so witches are turned instead. Witches are very closely related to humans, and can be difficult to pick out from a crowd. If a witch is unaware of what they are, it will be even harder for them to picked out of a crowd. Over time witch bloodlines mixed with humans, so now only certain members of the family receive the magical trait. Those who receive the magical trait can become demons. Enjoy meeting the witches known to the demons, and those who have joined them or have turned.

Nomads Edit

Once and awhile a lone demon will come along. These are known as Nomads. Nomads are not just a lone demon walking the earth, they are also a small group of demons that do not settle down. Since they don't settle down, they are considered nomads. Some demons enjoy settling down, others don't. The Amari doesn't care what category you fit into, as long as they know you. Though Nomads aren't completely off the hook with the Amari, they have rules as well. Many Nomads are still in development, though enjoy meeting the ones that are present at the moment.

Humans Edit

What paranormal series would be complete without humans. Humans in The Demonic Series can be useful and harmful at the same time. Though many play an important role among the story lines. Humans include friends, employees, and even sometimes family. Enjoy going through and meeting every single of them. There aren't as complicated as the other characters.

Villains Edit

What story would be complete without a serious of villains. There are very few in very single story. In Darkness Within there are two known enemies; Seth and Tinker. With the out coming Frozen Butterfly, even more enemies will be added.