Located in Alcamo, Trapani, Sicily, Italy (yes, that's a mouthful) is the Amari. The Amari is the ruling family of demons. The Amari is in charge of almost everyone and everything, though they will only micromanage the rules and disciplines. The Amari keeps records of other demons, from their own members to the nomads, plus records of witches, shape shifters, and even some humans. The records help them with many things from history, to rules, to blood lines, and more. The Amari is also responsible for the rules and the structure of the demon government. Enjoy meeting the known members of the Amari below. Plus enjoy learning the structure of the demon government, and the rules to go along with it.

Amari Members Edit

The Amari is a rather large family. Not all of it's members have names yet. Though well over a dozen do have names. This includes the Queen and more. Enjoy meeting them. More characters will appear with time.

Demon Government Edit

The Amari is in charge of the demon government. From the rules to the structure. Enjoy meeting the structure and the positions that come with it. Also learn the rules and responsibilities that come with every single position. Enjoy.

Amari Rules Edit

With government comes rules. Many of the rules are easy and simple. The Amari rules cover the demons from the coven and the nomads. They also cover shape shifter, witches, and some humans. Enjoy learning the rules.