In The Demonic Series, Shape Shifters are bonded to Demons. Shape Shifters are bonded to Demons to help the demon with many different accepts. They can help with emotional and physical support. Another thing is simple duties, such as watching the kids, tracking down an enemy, helping with chores and other responsibilities. Below there are sections for you to learn all about the known Shape Shifters. One tab is members and the other one is traits. Enjoy learning everything about the Shape Shifters.

Members Edit

Many Shape shifters can be found with the Amari. Not many Shape shifters live with Nomads or the Covens. So below are links that lead to the Amari's Shape shifter plus any Nomad or Coven shape shifters. Enjoy meeting them.

  1. Amari Shape Shifters
  2. Nomad Shape Shifters
  3. Coven Shape Shifters

Shape Shifter Traits Edit

Every Shape shifter follows a similar path, from gestation to death. No matter who they are bonded with, Shape shifters are very similar. Enjoy learning more and more about Shape shifter traits.

  1. Shape Shifter Traits