Unlike many paranormal creatures, Shape shifters are the least complicated of them. There are only a few traits that all Shape shifters have. These include their bonds, their forms, and the myths. You can enjoy learning about them below.

Shape Shifter Bonds Edit

From birth shape shifters are made to bonded to a demon. Many shape shifters will go without their bond for a very long time. Though once they bond, the demon and shape shifters will nearly attached at the hip. The bond between a demon and shape shifter allows the shape shifters to have telepathy with their demon. The telepathy is also activate among shape shifters- all shape shifters. After a shape shifter or demon dies, the bond disappears. Demons can reattach themselves to other shape shifters. Though it isn't easy to move away from a bond.

Forms Edit

At birth shapes shifters have one form. This is their wolf. At the age of 2 they gain their human form, and at the age of 16 will gain their final animal form. The way they appear as human depends on genetics and personalities. The second animal depends completely on personality. Though all shape shifters are born as a wolf. To be born a wolf during pregnancy a mother must remain in wolf form, or the child may suffer from genetic deformities.

Myths Edit

Many people believe that certain myths control certain shape shifters. Well not a single myth known to man affects a shape shifter. Sliver doesn't burn to the touch, the moon doesn't control them, and neither does blood lust. The only thing that controls them is the demon. So not a single myth is true that man or mythology has managed to come up with.