Rajie started out as a human. She started out this way because of her birth father and mother, King Dedrick and Queen Estefany. As a human, Rajie lives a completely different life. Though when she become demon, her life changes. At first she has no idea what type of paranormal creature she is, so she conducts research. After meeting Lycadis and his brother, she learns the truth. Quickly Lycadis pulls her into the truth and keeps her there.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Rajie was frozen by a spell, and given to a certain blood line. Though when the blood line came across one of her own people, Rajie was born. This made her human. Rajie as a human was known as Jasper. She grew up in New York City. Rajie (Jasper) was raised by her father and mother, along with her three brothers. Though when her thirteenth birthday neared, Rajie faced the truth. On the way home from school after New Years Day, Rajie (Jasper) came across Seth. Seth, believing she was a witch, turned her.

Darkness Within Edit

Rajie tells her story in Darkness Within. After being turned by Seth, Rajie wakes up in Port Angeles. Here she runs into Anthony, who takes her in with his husband, Ryan. Together Anthony and Ryan name Rajie- Rajasperlee. The first year with Anthony and Ryan, Rajie (Rajasperlee) learned how to trust humans once again. This helped her friend Lynne, Mackenzie, Kathryn, Logan, and Tyler once she started school. Making these friends, earned Rajie that nickname Raj.

After the third anniversary after becoming a demon, and still not knowing what she is, Rajie (Rajasperlee) runs into Lycadis and his brothers who pose as substitute teachers. During school, Rajie had an accident where she nearly looses control of her thirst. Lycadis comes to the recuse, and Rajie discovers the truth. When Rajie learns the truth, Lycadis opens up completely. This is when he started to call her Amica. This is also when Rajie learns about demon.

Though she isn't identified as the Queen until she meets Phelics, her brother. Rajie doesn't meet her brother until she discovers a tragedy. Returning home after a dinner with Lycadis and his brothers, Rajie discovers Ryan and Anthony dead in the pool at her home of three years. She quickly calls the police and Lycadis. Lycadis takes her home where she finally meets Phelics. Phelics is the only demon that can recognize his sister, and quickly picks Rajie out. When Phelics identifies her as the Queen, Rajie earns her birth name- Rajie. From here, Rajie is taught many things. The demon government, it's roles and the roles responsibilities, the rules, and more. After an exhausting day and night after learning the truth, Rajie is brought upstairs to bed.

This is when Lycadis and Rajie mate, binding them together. After mating, Rajie changes physically. The next day, Rajie bonds with Fortune and Purity who want to help Rajie plan her coronation. She also bonds with Atlas and Sangi, who are now her personal guards.

More to come...

Physical Appearance and Personality Edit

As a human Rajie (Jasper) is describing to have long thick curly black hair, and bright blue eyes. Her skin was naturally white pale. Near her thirteenth birthday, Rajie reaches the height of five feet and four inches. Rajie weighs around 100 pounds. As a human Rajie is very bubbly, and happy. She trusts a lot of people, though she isn't naive.

After turning into a demon, Rajie changes. Her hair shortens in curly spikes, and turns snow white. Her eyes turn two separate colors. Her left eye being the bright blue from before, and her right eye being blood red. Rajie still has her pale white skin, 5 foot 4 inch height, and 100 pounds of weight. Once she turns demon, Rajie is confused at first. She isn't sure what has happened to her. Though after meeting Ryan and Anthony, she learns to trust people again. Out in public, Rajie is happy and fun to be around. In private, Rajie is honest and happy. Though once in awhile Rajie will be serious. When she is serious she is most likely researching, working, or concertinaing on something of her own interest. Around Anthony, she is a smart and honest girl. Around Ryan, she is more of a girly girl, though she is still smart and honest.

Once Rajie mated to Lycadis, she changed again. This time her snow white hair lengthen out. Her hair remained thick and curled. Her eyes went to separate color to one. Both of her eye turned blue, like the ones she had a human. Rajie still has the same height and weight as before. Though after mating to Lycadis, Rajie quickly learned how to trust the other demons. She is still a honest, smart, and happy girl. Though she is a little down to earth now- thank to her being the Queen.

Abilities Edit

Since Rajie is the Queen, she has the abilities of an Akasha/Life demon. An Akasha/Life demon can control almost literally everything. The power will be different for every single holder. For Rajie she has control over all of the other elements- Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Body, Mind, Ice, and Shadows. Some of the gifts from these elements that Rajie has are Telepathy, Telekinesis, Mind Control, Mind Reading, Flight, Illusions, Sound Control, Scent Control, and Sight Control. Before you get confused Illusions is not the same ability as Sight Control. Illusions appear solid when Sight Control isn't. Sight Control also allows night vision and underwater vision as well. Rajie is still learning all of her abilities, and how to control all of them properly.

Relationships Edit

Lycadis Edit



Lycadis is Rajie's mate. He is able to control Mind and Air. This makes him rather easy to talk. He is also really easy to get along with. Though don't mistake this for kindness. Lycadis is extremely protective of Rajie, and just as possessive. He will do anything for his mate.

Phelics Edit



Phelics is Rajie' birth brother. He is the son of Queen Estefany and King Dedrick. This makes Phelics the Prince of Demon. Though he doesn't like the Queenly duties, so you can find him at every single celebration the royal family is invited to. Once he discovered Rajie as his younger sister, Phelics brightened and become protective of her.

Queen Estefany Edit

Queen Estefany is Rajie's birth mother. Estefany was mated to the King, King Dedrick. After giving birth to Phelics, Estefany and Dedrick start to bring on a spell to make their race peaceful. Once Estefany learned she was pregnant with Rajie, her and Dedrick made the last final preparations for the spell. Estefany gave up her life along with her mate so her children can live with a peaceful race.

King Dedrick Edit

Like his mate, King Dedrick gave up his life for his two beautiful children- Phelics and Rajie. King Dedrick was the first King, and considered to be the most powerful king. He managed to change the entire path of his race. From death bringers to less terrifying monsters with a touch of nature. King Dedrick would give up his life for his children and a peaceful race over and over again.

Togepi Edit

Not much is known about Togepi. All that is known that once Togepi and Rajie meet they will form a bond. Another thing known about Togepi is that her name is from Pokemon.

Catis Edit



Catis is Lycadis' oldest brother. He is father of Cazimir, and unborn twins. Catis is married to Athena, and when she is around Catis focuses only on her. He enjoys make sure that Athena is happy and well off. He also enjoys listening to the music his son, Cazimir, makes. Though don't mess with him, Catis can be very cruel and unusual.

Athena Edit



Athena is Catis' mate. In Darkness Within she is carrying a set of twins. Though they are not her first child. Cazimir is her first child. When it come to her family, Athena would do anything to protect her family, especially her kids. Athena is also very supportive, especially with her son and his musical career.

Michaelis Edit



Michaelis is Lycadis' second oldest brother. He bond to the element of Earth. Michaelis is not known for being bubbly around other demons. You may catch him smiling every now and then. Though he will smile the most around his three kids. His son, Salem, and his twin daughters, Fortune and Purity. When it come to Michaelis, his family comes first, especially his children.

Cazimir Edit



Cazimir is the son of Athena and Catis, making him Lycadis' nephew. Cazimir is much more like his mother then his father. He enjoys music- making it, displaying it, recording it, and even dancing to it. Cazimir is typically care free, but will do anything for his parents. He is a friend that everyone would want.

Salem Edit



Salem is the son of Michaelis. Not a lot is known about his mother. Salem is a very unique demon. He bond to the element of Shadows, and is currently the only demon with this element- other than the Queen. Salem is a lot like his father. He doesn't show emotion a lot expect around his father and sister. Also like his father, Salem enjoys art.

Fortune Edit



Fortune is one of Michaelis twin daughters. She is the older one of the two. When it comes to twins, Fortune and Purity set the stereotype for all of them. Fortune is never too far away from her twin. Both of them own and operate a modeling agency, plus their very own clothes line called Two of a Kind. Unlike her twin though, Fortune tends to lead towards brighter colors, and simple fashion style. Though once and awhile you can find Fortune matching her twin.

Purity Edit



Purity is the twin to Fortune, the youngest daughter of Michaelis, and the youngest sister to Salem. Purity tends to like the darker color, and has a very unique style of fashion. With Purity's and Fortune's fashion choice, their modeling agency and clothes line are very popular. Don't mistake Purity's clothing choices for her attitude. Like Fortune, Purity is very bubbly and happy.

Atlas Edit



Atlas is one of Rajie's guards. He is the more bubblier one of the two. Atlas enjoys talking to other people- including when he is mad or torturing someone. Atlas is the paratwin to Sangi, Rajie's other guard. Their rare and unique bond make them really powerful together. Around Rajie, Atlas enjoys talking with her and is willing to do anything for her.

Sangi Edit



Sangi is Rajie's second guard. He is bonded to Rajie's first guard, Atlas, through a paratwin bond. Though Sangi is a lot more quieter than Atlas. Sangi is known to be the muscles of the two, while Atlas is the brains. Believe it or not, this makes Sangi and Atlas really deadly. Around Rajie, Sangi provides a lot of emotional support while Atlas pushes Rajie. So far, Rajie enjoys having both Sangi and Atlas around her.

Anthony Edit


Anthony was the adoptive father of Rajie. He worked as a lawyer for Port Angeles. In his relationship with Ryan, Anthony was considered to be the dominate party.

Ryan Edit


Ryan is the second adoptive father of Rajie. Ryan worked as a history teacher at Port Angeles public school. He was more outgoing then Anthony. Ryan was considered to be the submissive partner in his relationship with Anthony.

Lynne Edit


Lynne is one of Rajie's friends before Rajie ends up in the demon world. Lynne is considered to be the second smartest out of the group of friend. You can usually find Lynne is the library or in her room studying. She isn't much a party animal.

Mackenzie Edit


Mackenzie is another one of Rajie's friends. She is one of the drama queens, though she is not the biggest drama queen. Mackenzie currently dates the young man known as Logan. Together they make a rather cute couple.

Kathryn Edit


Kathryn is the biggest drama queen out of all of Rajie's friends. Kathryn is not just a student, she is also a model and live on gossip. She is currently dating the jock known as Tyler. Kathryn and Tyler make the perfect American couple.

Logan Edit


Logan is one of Rajie's friends. He is currently dating Mackenzie. Logan is a sports player, though not as big as Tyler is.

Tyler Edit


Tyler is the last of Rajie's human friends. He is the biggest sport player among the group. Tyler is currently dating Kathryn, and together they make a rather cute couple.''