Nomads are Nomadic Demons. Many Nomadic Demons constantly travel within the same country or territory. Such as the Scottish Nomads, who have many different homes within Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and England. There are other Nomads. Many Nomadic Demons will wander to the Amari. Some even find mates in Covens, and often become a new member of the Coven. Many Covens actually consist of bloodlines that were once Nomadic Demons. Below are the Nomadic Demons, enjoy.

Scottish Nomads Edit

Meet the Scottish Nomads, located in Scotland mostly. Though they do own homes in Wales, Ireland, and England. Enjoy learning about the Scottish Nomads, who are listed below.

  1. McKenna Blair
  2. Coinneach Blair
  3. Alec Blair
  4. Ailie Blair

Russian Nomads Edit

Meet the Russian Nomads, who live all throughout Russia. Enjoy learning more about the Russian Nomads, who are listed below.

  1. Bogdan Lyashev
  2. Valery Lyashev
  3. Vsevolod Lyashev
  4. Andrei Lyashev
  5. Anastasiya Lyashev
  6. Veronika Lyashev
  7. Galina Lyashev
  8. Darya Lyashev

Moroccan Nomads Edit

Meet the Moroccan Nomads, who don't just live in Morocco but also South Africa, Madgascar, Kenya, and Egypt. Enjoy learning more about the Moroccan Nomads, who are listed below.

  1. Aicha Kader
  2. Dirar Kader
  3. Fawz Kader
  4. Ghali Kader
  5. Hadir Kader
  6. Houria Kader
  7. Ma-Ajmala Kader
  8. Nasire Kader

Greek Nomads Edit

Meet the Greek Nomads, who enjoy coming to meet the Amari in Italy. The Greek Nomads also have homes in Hungry, Turkey, Germany, and Spain. Enjoy learning more about the Greek Nomads, who are listed below.

  1. Junia Constantinides
  2. Melania Constantinides
  3. Mara Constantinides
  4. Thetis Constantinides
  5. Felix Constantinides
  6. Cletus Constantinides
  7. Elias Constantinides
  8. Isaakios Constantinides

Finish Nomads Edit

Meet the Finish Nomads, who also have live in Norway and Switzerland. Enjoy learning more about the Finish Nomads, who are listed below.

  1. Twain Makela
  2. Inari Makela
  3. Aku Makela
  4. Jere Makela
  5. Aabraham Makela
  6. Eelis Makela
  7. Frans Makela
  8. Heikki Makela

Australian Nomads Edit

Meet the Australian Nomads, who have homes all throughout Australia. Enjoy learning more about the Australian Nomads, who are listed below.

  1. Charlotte White
  2. Ruby White
  3. Olivia White
  4. Sophie White
  5. Mia White
  6. Jackson White
  7. William White
  8. Randy White
  9. James White
  10. Lukas White

Argentinian Nomads Edit

Meet the Argentinian Nomads, who also live in Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia. Enjoy learning more about the Argentinian Nomads, who are listed below.

  1. Sofia Rossi
  2. Mia Rossi
  3. Camila Rossi
  4. Delfina Rossi
  5. Victoria Rossi
  6. Catalina Rossi
  7. Thiago Rossi
  8. Santiago Rossi
  9. Benjamin Rossi
  10. Joaquin Rossi
  11. Mateo Rossi
  12. Laurtaro Rossi