Below you can learn about the structure of the government. Plus the duties of every single role. Enjoy.

Queen Edit

The Queen is the most important demon in the entire demon race. The Queen has all elements, and is the only demon that has all of the elements. The Queen marries the Consort. Underneath the Queen is the Queen's Adviser. The Queen listens to her Advisers. Some of her duties include making/breaking rules, attending all celebrations, promote councilors/advisers and more. Other duties include signing death/marriage certificates plus arrest/death warrants. The Queen can also preform marriage/mating vows. The final responsibility of the Queen is to hear over criminal cases, and to make the final judgement.

Consort Edit

The Consort is also a very important person among the demon race. The Consort is for the Queen and the Queen alone. The Consort is responsible for physical and emotional support of the Queen. Sometimes the Consort will act as an extra adviser, and can take on duties from the Queens.

Prince Edit

The Prince doesn't really have that much responsibilities. The Prince can take on duties of the Queen. Though the Prince will sometimes pass them on to the Advisers. A Prince is known to be present at all celebrations. Other wise the duties will fall to the advisers.

Advisers Edit

The Advisers are typically the oldest demons known. There are 3 advisers at all times. If there is no Queen or Consort, the Advisers will take on the duties. They will leave celebration attendance to the Prince. Advisers also visit other governments- vampires, fairies, humans, ect. Finally the Advisers do exactly what their names says- they advise.

Councilors Edit

There are 9 Councilors. Though only 8 of their identities are known to the demon populace. The final member of the council is known as the silent councilor. The silent councilor can make and break criminal cases. The council as a whole views criminal cases- no matter how small or how big. Sometimes the Queen can give her final vote to the silent council member.

Guards Edit

The guards are pretty much guards. They will protect and serve the Queen, Consort, Prince, Advisers, and Councilors. Sometimes you can find the Prince without them. Though you will never find the Queen alone. She will always have her guards with her. Guard don't just protect, they serve as well. Guards are known to carry out arrests, run important missions, and more. Every single guard is strong and well trained for they are trained by the Prince and Catis.

Citizens Edit

Demons who are citizens take part in the demon and human government. Citizens own and operate human businesses. This helps them stay aloft, and blend in with the humans. Citizens are really citizens.

Healers Edit

Healers are special. They out rank anyone when their health and safety are considered. Healers study all types of scientists. The oldest healer is typically the royal healer. At the moment this demon would be Cetric.