Follow the Rules below and avoid the Amari. The Amari is not very forgiving, especially the guards and Catis.

Don't Turn Humans Edit

If you turn a human, you create a Hell's One. The punishment is death to the human and the demon who turned it.

Don't Drink From Humans Edit

Demon can not physically drink from humans. Though if they do, and some how manage to keep the blood done, the Amari will removed their fangs.

No False Witnesses Edit

The Amari hates false witnesses. False witnesses are killed- immediately.

No Cheating Edit

This rule applies to Mates. Mates can not cheat on each other. To be a mate means you are precious. If a mate cheats on its own mate, the mate can be removed from their families. In some cases, death is also another punishment to both guilty parties.

Hell's Demon Edit

Humans turned demons, whether they are young or old, are known as Hell's Demon or Hell's Ones. Hell's Ones usually refer to teenagers and adults. Hell's Demons usually refer to children. If either of them are created, death is immediate to the Hell's One, Hell's Demons, and their creator.

Attack Edit

If an attack happens to an Adviser, Queen, and Councilor only bad things happen. A lot of time death is the punishment. Though sometimes the Amari will come up with cruel and unusual ways to punish you.

Illegal Death Edit

To kill another demon means death for you. The only way a demon is allowed to be killed is by death warrant.

Interruptions of Mating Edit

If you interrupt mates, during or after the mating, you are punished by the Amari. You can be punished in many different ways. Though the Amari can come with pretty creative ways to punish you.

Harm Edit

Harming a demon child is illegal. Demon children are extremely precious, so it isn't surprising to see them well protected. The punishment of hurting a demon child is death.

Newly Child Edit

A new child, whether is it a demon or witch, needs to be reported. The Amari hate it when they are unaware of a new child. The punishment is removal of the child from it's family or Master. That or the Amari comes up with an unusual punishment for you.

Discovery Edit

The discovery of a witch is very important. When the Amari learns of it, it helps them keep of track of their populace. If you manage to make the Amari mad from not telling them about the witch, they will remove the witch and punish you.

Betrayal Edit

If you betray the Amari, the punishment is always death. No matter what you did, it is always death.